On September 26 and 27 COSMETORIUM took place in Barcelona. Molina participated actively with its own stand and presented the study "Novedades en modificadores reológicos” from our principal COATEX, within the framework of the TechFocus program. We want to thank from here for all the visits received at our stand by our clients and the presence and support of our principals, among them: COATEX, SHIN-ETSU, BIOLIE and KALICHEM.  

The objective of Ricardo Molina and Coatex (Arkema Group), with the Rhesostyl product range is to assist to formulators for a better feeling, texture and other unique benefits in clean and minimalist beauty products with fewer ingredients, and being safer for use on the skin. The products presented were the following: 

Rheostyl ™ 85 L: It is an acrylic copolymer in aqueous dispersion that acts as a thickener and stabilizer. Provides excellent clarity, elegant textures with smooth flow, suspension and thickening for low pH cleaning products formulated with natural preservatives. Versatile and easy to formulate, it only needs a neutralization process in one step.

Rheostyl ™ 85 L can suspend any type of insoluble particles, beads, glitters and air bubbles. It shows excellent compatibility with mild surfactants and without sulfates, both ionic and non-ionic. Applications in transparent shower gels and shampoos with suspended particles, transparent exfoliating facial cleansers, transparent liquid hand soaps, soft and sulfate-free formulas, shower gels and pearly shampoos.  

Rheostyl ™ E: A new line that allows the simple formulation of creams for the care of the skin without 100% emulsifiers with soft textures, unique sensorial properties and water resistance. Alexandra Foguth-Walther, laboratory manager and technical service engineer with Coatex in the NAFTA region, explained: "By developing a polymer with built-in emulsification functionality, we facilitate the development of products with unique performance properties." 

Rheostyl ™ E-Cream: imparts a rich and quilted texture, while offering optimal thickening and electrolyte tolerance. 

Rheostyl ™ E-Light: developed for thin emulsions with excellent water resistance and a fresh feeling. It is ideal for use in applications such as solar care products. 

Our experience in this event has been very positive and we hope to be able to assist you again in the near future.