Launched in the framework of the Barcelona Beer Festival 2019, Molina for brewers was born with the intention of being the digital platform for the development of breweries; a space for the brewer, created by brewers. We took our first steps through social networks, we have organized events and seminars, bringing the best brands and professionals to the beer community.

Now, through this website, we want to continue creating the most passionate online community in the world of beer. A space of inspiration and information to offer solutions to brewers,  supporting them in the development of new ideas. Molina for brewers has the vocation of linking the talent of the brewer with the best brands in the market, our experience and the best beer sommeliers.

Communication will also be one of our main objectives. We know very well the challenges and needs of the craft brewery; but we also know that it represents a unique product, with a great passion and dedication that motivates us to offer all our help. The purpose of Molina for Brewers is that our customers always count on us and make us participate in their projects. We started with great enthusiasm and hoping to continue with new advances, growing with them, promoting the sector and adding our grain of sand so that they can shape their creativity with total freedom.