We offer a broad portfolio of products for Adhesives supplied by internationally recognized manufactures. With the help of our expert sales team we can find the right solutions for the projects of our customers.

We can help you with our solutions for the following range of products:

Polymer Dispersion/Emulsion Adhesives (PVAc, SBR, Acrylics)

Hotmelt Adhesives (APO, mE, EVA, SIS, SBS)

Solvent Based Adhesives (CR, PUR)

Adhesives Based on Water-Soluble Polymers (PVA, Cellulose Ethers, CMC, PVP)

Sealants (Silicones, MS Polymers, Polysulfides, PU)


  • Antifoaming

  • Antioxidants

  • Benzoates

  • Biocides / Fungicides

  • Polyethylene waxes

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Cellulosic thickeners

  • Rosin esters

  • Magnesium oxide

  • Hydrocarbon Resins

  • Polyuretane resins

  • Phenolic resins

  • Terpenophenolic resins

  • Silanes

  • Fumed Silica

  • Triacetine


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