From Ricardo Molina’s Ceramic we cover all fields of ceramic, refractory and abrasion industries, distributing all kind of raw materials and additives through our principals, world leaders in the manufacture of products for the ceramic sector.

Our priority: offer the best products with the technical assistance, technological innovation and design that we and our principals provide. Our efforts are aimed at creating greater value for our customers, be in constant synergy with them and solve their needs, giving assistance to customers with a fast, flexible, efficient and personalized service.


  • Green strength additives

  • Antisettling

  • Inkjet grinding beds

  • Kaolin

  • Aluminous cement

  • Boron derivatives

  • Lithium derivatives

  • Inkjet water-based dispersants

  • Inkjet solvent-based dispersants

  • Fluorescence eliminators

  • Cellulose ethers (CMC, ...)

  • Fibers

  • Humectants

  • Lignosulfonates

  • Friction modifiers

  • Iron oxide

  • Pyrophyllite

  • Plasticizers

  • Stain-resistant coatings

  • Water-repelling products for exposed brick and tiles

  • Specialty Silicates

  • Rare Earths

  • Wollastonites


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