We are present in all segments of the market in the Construction Industry: Basic Mortars, Special Mortars, Gypsum, Concrete, Putty, Micro-concrete, Asphalt, Finished and decoration and Prefabricated.

Our customers are companies that design, formulate and produce products for these different fields of application. Our market positioning is to be a true partner with our customers and principals to always reach the best solution, both in product selection and formulation.

We have an extensive team of technicians who advise and work together with our customers until the end of the project.

The experience of over 80 years in the field of Construction Chemistry makes us the perfect partner for any project.

We also have our own laboratory of formulation and implementation, where our customers can develop complete or complementary studies, with an experienced technical team to obtain the best results.



  • Setting accelerants

  • Citric acid

  • Tartaric acid

  • Air-entraining agent

  • Modified starch

  • Anhydrite and semihydrates

  • Defoamers

  • High Alumina Cement HAC

  • Sulfoaluminate cement SAC

  • Emulsifier

  • Cellulose fibers

  • Polypropylene fibers

  • Sodium gluconate

  • Water repellents

  • Pozzolan metakaolin

  • Methylcellulose

  • Rheology modifiers

  • Iron oxide pigments

  • Union bonds

  • Acrylic resins

  • Redispersible resins

  • Retarders

  • Superplasticizers

  • Tackifiers


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