We are a benchmark for suppliers in the industry, placing at their disposal our dynamic and qualified team, together with a broad portfolio of products and principals, to suit market expectations and demands in agrochemical formulations, both for treatment (crop protection) and nutrition (pre- and post-harvest).

We are committed to sustainability, environmental friendliness and innovation in order to make agriculture more efficient, effective and adapted to our changing times.

We work closely with our principals to pass on to the market the latest innovations, developments and services applicable to the formulation of agrochemicals.


  • Complexing agents

  • Chelating agents

  • Anti-caking agents

  • Antifoaming

  • Polyethylene waxes

  • Dispersing Agents

  • Thickeners

  • Stabilizing systems

  • Calcium sources

  • Potassium sources

  • Leonardite

  • Lignosulfonates

  • Suspenders


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