We offer a complete portfolio for the Industrial and the Craft Beer. We are committed to specialty and quality products that make us a reference on the market, offering malts, yeasts , hops , hop extracts and other herbs, clarifiers , foam stabilizers, malt extracts, caramel colorants, etc. for industrial brewers, microbreweries and homebrewers. In our specialized Laboratory we offer the possibility to measure the haze and the shelf life.

The large number of prizes that our clients are obtaining on national and international contests endorse our products, raw materials that make possible that the quality of a beer distinguish over the others. This is our commitment, that our clients improve their beers every day, helping at the same time in the promotion of beer culture.


  • Aromatic capsules

  • Caramel colorants

  • Oatmeal

  • Barley flakes

  • Wheat flakes

  • Natural foam stabilizers

  • Hop extracts

  • Malt extracts

  • Extracts and tinctures

  • Irish moss

  • Yeasts

  • Lúpulos en flor

  • Hops in pellets

  • Basic malts

  • Specialty malts

  • PVPP

  • pH regulators

  • Silica


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