Confectionery & Snacks

We offer ingredients, extracts and additives that help to the conservation, coloration and improvement of the processes. Our proposal in this innovative sector, always following the  last trends, allow us to develop more healthy and innovative products.

We have flavor enhancers made from yeast extracts, resins and nonstick for manufacturers of chew gum and coatings.

Thanks to our extensive range, we provide solutions for developments of products based on any cultural origin (European, American, African ...)


  • Natural flavours

  • Caramel colorants

  • Natural colors

  • Preservatives

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Encapsulated sweeteners

  • Stabilizing systems

  • Aromatic extracts

  • Yeast extracts

  • Tea extracts

  • Specialty flours

  • Gluten free flours

  • Yeasts

  • Mineral premixes

  • Vitamins premixes


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